"Orchestra is for Life": Interview with Sher Oston

11.05.2020 |

“I know for sure that no electronic music can ever replace the emotions, play and energy of real people. Therefore, I am happy that I can give our listeners genuine emotions, accompanied by a big jazz symphony orchestra "

"Golden Jazz" at VDNKH 80
Green Theatre | VDNKH | Moscow

08/01/2019 in Moscow, on the stage of the legendary Green Theater, Sher Oston and his Orchestra opened a series of jubilee concerts in celebration of the 80th anniversary of the largest exhibition of VDNKH.

The concert was attended by: Victoria Kaunova,

Bi Bi, ALIA, Maria Faenn, Daria Akulova, Diana Vox.

SHER OSTON became an expert on the second season of the TV show "All Together Now!" on channel RUSSIA

On February 2, 2020 on the federal channel RUSSIA started the second season of the largest world-class

TV show "All together now!", produced by WhiteMedia.

The original BBC project "All Together Now" is successfully running in 17 countries and is the most popular vocal show in the history of TV.


Sher Oston for the second time entered the jury of the show, including popular artists, producers, educators, Grammy winners and show business stars.